Designated hitter: David Ortiz
Ortiz was an above-average bat during his time with the Twins (108 OPS+), but it wasn’t until he arrived in Boston that he became a legend. After being released by Minnesota in December 2002, Ortiz signed with the Red Sox and finished fifth in the ’03 AL MVP race at age 27. The following year, Ortiz etched his name in Boston sports lore, leading the Red Sox back from a 3-0 ALCS deficit against the rival Yankees and helping the club win its first World Series title since 1918. Ortiz brought two more championships to Boston and won the 2013 World Series MVP after slashing .688/.760/1.188 in six Fall Classic games as a 37-year-old. He played his final season at age 40 in '16, hitting 38 homers and leading MLB in OPS (1.021). All told, Ortiz slugged 483 home runs during his Red Sox career, which lasted 14 seasons. Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez would also be a fine choice for this spot, as he posted 67.7 bWAR with a 149 OPS+ from age 27 onward, but his counting stats and postseason resume don't measure up to Ortiz's.

指名打者: デービッド・オルティス

bat 名 ③打者: a right-handed bat(右打者)/win the pennant on the strength of the bats(打撃陣の力のお陰でペナントを勝ち取る) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,122頁

Most Valuable Player ①(各リーグの各シーズンの)最優秀選手(《略》 MVP). ②(特定期間・シリーズの)最優秀選手 《週間,月間,ワールドシリーズ,オールスター戦などの》. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,279頁

World Series ワールドシリーズ 《両リーグの優勝チーム間で行う;米国野球の最優秀チームを決める 7 回戦制(先に 4 勝した方の勝利)で行うシリーズ》:make it to the World Series(ワールドシリーズに出る) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,411頁

fall classic = World Series 『ベースボール英和辞典』,196頁

homer 名 ①ホーマー,ホームラン. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,237頁

slug 動 〔投球〕 を強打する;〔長打〕 を打つ. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,358頁

home run ホームラン;ホームラン(になった)ボール: hit [pound] a home run(ホームランを打つ)/a solo [two-run,three-run] home run(ソロ [2 ラン,3 ラン] ホームラン)/belt over the right-field fence for a home run(ライトオーバーのホームランを打つ) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,238頁

Hall of Famer ①殿堂入り選手. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,227頁






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