Left field: Brian Giles
Giles spent the majority of his career playing for small-market teams in Pittsburgh and San Diego, so you might have forgotten how good he was at his peak. The outfielder recorded an OPS of 1.000 or better over 600-plus plate appearances in three seasons, the same number as Hall of Famers Chipper Jones, Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Robinson and Hank Aaron. Giles broke in with the Indians and was a part-time player through his age-27 season in 1998. After being traded to the Pirates for Ricardo Rincon, Giles posted a 1.030 OPS (160 OPS+) over his first four seasons with the Bucs, averaging 37 homers and 6.0 bWAR per year in that span. While his power dropped off once he became a Padre, he still recorded 19.3 bWAR with San Diego from 2003-08.

Center field: Earl Averill
Of all the position players in the Hall of Fame, Jackie Robinson is the only one who debuted at an older age than Averill. Averill first appeared in the big leagues a little over a month before his 27th birthday in 1929 and was terrific from the get-go, hitting .332/.398/.538 with 18 homers as a rookie. Averill was selected as a reserve for the first All-Star Game in 1933 -- one of six All-Star selections for the Washington native. He averaged 5.1 bWAR per season from '29-38, posting a 137 OPS+ in that span.

左翼手: ブライアン・ジャイルズ

中堅手: アール・アベリル

outfielder 名 外野手(《略》 OF). 『ベースボール英和辞典』,297頁

plate appearance 打席(数)《打者が打席に入った回数;⇒ at-bat》. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,311頁

break in ①一軍のベンチ入りをする 《25 人の登録メンバーに入る;⇒ make the team》. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,140頁

part-time player パート選手,控え選手. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,302頁

homer 名 ①ホーマー,ホームラン. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,237頁

position player (投手を除く)野手(⇒ non-pitcher; player ②). 『ベースボール英和辞典』,315頁

appear 動(試合に)出場する: appear in more than 100 games(100 試合以上に出場する) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,106頁

big league = major league ① 『ベースボール英和辞典』,131頁

major league ① メジャーリーグ 《ナショナルリーグ又はアメリカンリーグ;= big league》. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,272頁

rookie 名 ①新人選手(= rook; budder; busher ①; ⇒ green pea; recruit; yannigan). 『ベースボール英和辞典』,333頁

reserve 名 ①補欠選手. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,329頁

post 動 〔記録〕 を達成する: post his 500th career home run(通算 500 号ホームランを達成する)/post a 1.73 earned run average(1.73 の防御率を達成する) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,315頁






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