Third base: Josh Donaldson
Donaldson was originally a catcher when the Cubs picked him 48th overall in the 2007 MLB Draft, and he took a while to find a permanent position after being traded to the A’s in the Rich Harden deal. But at age 27 in 2013, the Auburn University product took over as Oakland’s starting third baseman and finished fourth in the American League MVP Award race. Traded to the Blue Jays in November of '14, Donaldson hit .297/.371/.568 (151 OPS+) with 41 homers and 123 RBIs the following season, winning AL MVP honors over Mike Trout. Only Trout and Mookie Betts have recorded more bWAR than Donaldson (39.8) since the outset of the '13 season.

Shortstop: Maury Wills
Wills signed with the Dodgers as a teenager prior to the 1951 season, but he didn’t make his MLB debut until he was 26 years old in ’59. Although the speedster struggled in his rookie year, he was an MVP by his fourth season, recording 208 hits, 104 steals and 130 runs in 1962. Wills earned All-Star selections in 1961, ’62, ’63, ’65 and ’66 and was the first-ever All-Star Game MVP in ’62. He finished his career with 2,134 hits and ranks 20th all time with 586 steals.

三塁手: ジョシュ・ドナルドソン

遊撃手: マウリー・ウィルス

pick 名 ③(ドラフトの...巡目の)選択(選手): a draft pick(ドラフト選択選手)/at pick No.3(3 巡目の選択で) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,305頁 

position 名 ①ポジション,守備位置: The outfielders took their positions.(外野手は守備位置についた) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,315頁

trade 動 ① 〔選手〕 をトレードする. 名 ② トレード. 『ベースボール英和辞典』、390頁

third baseman 3 塁手(《略》 3B;= third bagger; third sacker). 『ベースボール英和辞典』,382頁

speedster 名 俊足ランナー. 『ベースボール英和辞典』,362頁

rookie 形 ④新人の,新シーズンの: a rookie manager(新人監督)《一般用法》「新米の,新人の」: a rookie fireman(新米消防士)/a rookie actor(新人俳優)/a rookie year(初年度) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,334頁

steal 名 ④(成功した)盗塁(《略》 S): have 30 steals(30 盗塁を達成する)/lead the NL in steals(盗塁数でナショナルリーグ第 1 位である) 『ベースボール英和辞典』,366頁

run ②(攻撃側からみた)点,得点;(投手からみた)点,失点;(《略》 R). 『ベースボール英和辞典』,336頁






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